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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Faces at the dedication

Eric with Charo Lizama

Toves family, Camille, Paps, and Fe

Charo, Ken Sablan and Lupe Olivas

Tammy Cleaver and I with Eric lurking in the back

Me, Ruby Quintanilla and Kina

Eric, Joe Salas(now pioneering on Kosrae) and Matt

Debbie Gump and sister, Tab Klingbiel

The Fam (where is Matt?)

Dedication of South Kingdom Hall

I can't believe I didn't post anything about the dedication. At least I don't thnk so. Here is the program from it. I am not sure you can read it.

Barak Bowman gave the dedication talk.

Jake Felby gave the talk about the construction. He was the main overseer of the construction project. Him and his wife Amy are now serving in the Philippines. They are hard working servants of Jehovah. We miss them, but so proud of how they have used their life and energy.

Dave Fitzgerald gave the history of S. Guam

We along with Tanya Denman were interviewed.

It has been awhile since I posted anything. So I thought I would put some scenes around Guam.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I love this card Matt gave us for our anniversary. I thought it was so funny.
This is Doris Lujan on the right giving a talk. Giving talks is most challenging for her. I love seeing her do it, because it shows how much she loves Jehovah and his training. So proud of her.
Here is Jared and Marisa Fruciano with Kina and Matt. They have been assigned to the Guam branch since 2008, they came here around the same time as we did. They have reassigned to South Africa to help with construction of Kingdom Halls. We will miss them very much, but how neat to know someone so well in South Africa. We would love to visit some year.
A mystery may of been solved. A few years ago this building appeared and then was left. It is at the intersection at the only light in Agat, so we see it all the time. The other week a man was working next to it, so it was asked of him what the building was. He said it was going to be a fish market. We assume that the local fishermen will use it. Wonder if that guy knew what he was talking about? So we will see.